Kitchen Splashback FAQs

Coming up with good ideas for kitchen splashbacks begins with considering the effect you would like to achieve. For example, one of the most popular kitchen splashback design ideas is to bring a burst of contrasting colour into the space. If the rest of your kitchen features fairly neutral and understated tones, a splashback in bold colour could create an eye-catching feature for the entire room.

Other ideas for splashbacks in kitchens include mirrored panels to make the space feel bigger, clear glass splashbacks to display the surface beneath and custom patterned splashbacks for a truly unique look. You will find plenty of ideas for kitchen tiles and splashbacks in our online catalogue, or call anytime for a chat with a member of our team.

Yes – toughened glass splashbacks are highly durable and heat-resistant, with the ability to withstand temperatures as high as 300° C. This makes toughened glass the perfect material to protect surfaces in close proximity to direct heat sources, including hobs, oven and grills.

However, it is important to ensure a small gap is left between a glass splashback and the nearest source of direct heat. Doing so will preserve both the appearance and the structural integrity of your glass splashback long-term.

Glass kitchen splashbacks costs vary in accordance with the panel’s size, configuration and design, along with the material it is manufactured from. Larger and more elaborate kitchen splashback ideas will always cost more than small and simple splashbacks, but value for money is consistent across the board.

We calculate kitchen glass splashback prices based on customers’ requirements, with affordable options available to suit all budgets. Our bespoke glass kitchen splashback prices start from less than £60, for which you get a beautiful toughened glass panel in your preferred design with an indefinite lifespan.

For more information on glass kitchen splashback costs or for a quick quotation, contact a member of our customer support team today.

A glass splashback is as easy to clean as any other glass surface around the home. Treat your splashback to a regular wipe with a damp cloth to keep it clean and hygienic. When exposed to food splashes and spills, use your preferred glass cleaner or antibacterial sanitiser to restore your splashback showroom shine.

The surface of a glass splashback is 100% non-porous, meaning it will not harbour germs, bacteria or viruses. An occasional clean is the only ongoing maintenance a toughened glass splashback needs to protect your surfaces for many decades to come.

Fitting a glass splashback can be a surprisingly simple DIY task, which can be performed in minutes by anyone who knows their way around a toolbox. A glass splashback can either be screwed in place or affixed to the wall using high-quality adhesive.

Either way, the key to maximising the lifespan of a glass splashback lies in creating a flawless watertight seal around its edges. This will prevent grease, grime and moisture from accumulating behind the panel, which could pose a threat to the surface beneath.

The best kitchen splashback is the type of splashback that complements your kitchen at a price you can afford. In terms of materials, toughened glass is considered the gold standard for splashbacks, with its uniquely durable and heat-resistant properties. With minimal TLC, a toughened glass splashback can have an indefinite lifespan – even when positioned close to a cooker or hob.

Vinyl splashbacks can also be used to provide solid protection for the surface beneath, and at a lower cost than a comparable glass splashback. A vinyl splashback can be customised in the same way as a toughened glass splashback, though may not have quite the same lifespan.

At Kitchen Splashbacks, we cut out the middleman to save our customers money. By manufacturing and shipping splashbacks directly to you, we are able to guarantee the lowest possible prices on every product we supply.

In addition, we offer a market-leading range of customisation options, making it easy and affordable to enhance your kitchen with a unique splashback. Easy to install with no specialist tools or equipment needed, our premium splashbacks are perfect for all types of contemporary and classical kitchens.

For more information or to discuss our product collection in more detail, contact a member of the team at Kitchen Splashbacks today.

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