Red On Red Kitchen Splashback


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Designer kitchen splashback that will make a stunning finishing touch to your kitchen.

Easy to clean and fit, no grout required.

Fit and seal in minutes using our silicone sealant/adhesive.

Fully heat resistant, may be used behind any type of hob including gas.

Made from 6mm toughened low iron Pilkington glass.

Optional Easy Clean grease and water repellent coating

Also available in a number of stock sizes for express delivery – see FAQs for sizes.

  • *Width (mm)

    *Height (mm)

    *Adhesive Sealant

    *Add Easy Clean


Presenting our artistic Red on Red splashback – a bold and evocative design that captures a vibrant red tomato against a rich red background. The essence of culinary passion in a single still frame, the vibrant red backdrop is enhanced by the delicate drip of a water droplet, embodying simplicity and intensity. This inspired splashback is more than just a protective panel – it’s a statement piece that celebrates the joy of cooking and the beauty of fresh ingredients. Crafted from toughened glass, our Red on Red splashback is built to last, and resist temperatures up to 300C. Let your kitchen be your canvas, and Red on Red be the artwork that inspires every dish you create.

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Discover our Red on Red Splashback: a durable, bold design featuring a vibrant red tomato and water droplet design, perfect for passionate cooks.

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