Grey Kitchens: The Ultimate In Timeless Sophistication

Grey Splashback

It is easy to lose yourself in the endless world of kitchen design ideas doing the rounds online. There is no shortage of innovative ideas to explore, and eye-catching colour schemes to consider.

But when it comes to true timelessness, there is also much to be said for taking things back to basics. Oftentimes, we lose sight of what truly stylish and sophisticated design is all about, having focused too heavily on passing fads.

Take the classic grey kitchen, for example. There really is nothing more understated yet quintessentially elegant than a beautifully designed grey kitchen. Best of all, it is also one of the most fundamentally fool-proof approaches to kitchen design.

Grey kitchens combine minimalism and modernity with luxurious desirability. There is also a no better way of ensuring your kitchen’s colour scheme and design stand the test of time.

From kitchen cabinets to walls and ceilings, to decorative features like splashbacks, grey can be used to great effect in a variety of ways. It is simply a case of getting creative with the different shades of grey at your disposal, and ensuring they are perfectly paired with their surroundings.

Sublime Splashbacks for Grey Kitchens

Where a kitchen features predominantly grey walls, cabinet doors, countertops and so on, what you have is the ultimate blank canvas. Neutral themes like these can be brought to life in a variety of ways – none more effective than the inclusion of a bespoke splashback.

Affordable and easy to install, a custom splashback can nonetheless create a fantastic focal point for the entire space. Where grey kitchen colour schemes are concerned, the following splashback types, in particular, come highly recommended:

1.     Stone, Ceramic and Porcelain Effect Splashbacks

Almost all types of natural materials pair perfectly with a grey kitchen colour scheme. Grey is naturally earthy and subtle in its appearance, making it ideal to pair with a stone-effect splashback. The same can also be said for porcelain effect splashbacks, and those that feature creative tile designs – why not create your own custom mosaic?

From marble to granite to quartz and countless others besides, stone-effect splashbacks maintain the understated and timeless elegance of the grey kitchen.  All while creating a standout feature to catch the eye, while adding a further air of exclusivity and prestige to the space.

2.     Geometric Patterned Splashbacks

A geometric pattern (typically monochrome, rather than brightly coloured) can also be just the thing for a grey kitchen. Where a kitchen features largely corresponding colours and large unbroken surfaces, breaking things up strategically with a creative pattern can have a real impact on the space.

Diamonds, triangles, squares, rectangles, chevrons and so on – simple yet effective additions that can be quite transformative. Black and white geometric patterns tend to be particularly effective in grey kitchens, but feel free to experiment with subtle hues of different colours if preferred.

3.     Clear Glass Splashbacks

In some instances, the most attractive splashbacks are those that fade almost invisibly into the background. A glass splashback emphasises the appearance of the surface beneath, while at the same time enhancing the kitchen as a whole with a glossy and shiny surface.

Clear glass splashbacks are universally compatible with all types of kitchens. If preferred, there are countless options available by way of tinted glass splashbacks, and those that are transparent but not completely clear. Consider whether you would like to emphasise the surface beneath the splashback, or draw the eye to the colour and design of the splashback itself.

4.     Metallic Effect Splashbacks

Grey interior design themes have always gone hand in hand with metallic features and fixtures. Particularly in kitchens with a predominantly modern design, a metallic splashback can look simply stunning.

Again, there are limitless options to explore, with regard to the finish of your metallic-effect splashback. Ultra-glossy stainless-steel, matte aluminium, warm copper, rose gold – whatever brings that quintessential touch of character and personality into your kitchen. Metallic splashbacks also perfectly complement metallic worktops, bringing a touch of industrial-chic into the home.

5.     Mirror Splashbacks

Last up, mirrored splashbacks are just as perfect for grey kitchens as glass or metallic splashbacks. Once again, there is the option of choosing a classic mirrored finish, or having the glass tinted in any colour or hue you like. You can install a mirror splashback that is identical in colour to its surroundings, or a panel that contrasts in just the right way with the rest of the space.

Best of all, a mirror splashback is unrivalled in its ability to bring lightness and brightness into the space. It can even make a smaller kitchen look and feel much larger than it actually is. The strategic inclusion of one or more mirrored splashbacks could therefore completely transform the visual appeal and practicality of your kitchen – all at an unbeatable price.

Will Grey Kitchens Ever Go out of Style?

Predicting the future with any degree of certainty is practically impossible. But given the desirability of grey kitchens over the course of history, their future is more or less set in stone.

Grey represents the true essence of timelessness, credited largely to its simplicity. Far from boring or uninspired, grey provides limitless scope for creativity and innovation. You can design a grey kitchen to be as elaborate or understated as you like. Whether you are looking to achieve a classical or contemporary look, it is all possible with the right grey colour scheme.

For more information on the benefits of kitchen splashbacks or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the team at DIY Splashbacks today.

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